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Chatham Community Facts

Links to data about Chatham County, NC.

Data for individual communities within the county is listed by township, as in the map below. (Click the map or here for a larger, PDF version.)

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Matthews, Williams, Bear Creek, Center:

This links to ALL townships in NC:

This to Chatham County:

American Community Survey (US Census Bureau) county wide data for population, age, business and industry, education, governments, housing, income, origins and language, poverty, race and Hispanic origin, veterans.

NC Population and Income statistics provided by US Census Bureau, NC State Data Center and NC Department of Commerce.

City-Data is website that presents data and information for US cities, counties, zip codes, and neighborhoods on race, income, education, crime, weather, housing, maps, air pollution and religions. Also has data about home values, schools, and multiple other community demographics and measures.

Chatham County Health Reports and Information

Chatham Health Department Community Health Assessment:

MIT's Living Wage Calculator:

North Carolina Data


The State Demographics branch of OSBM (Office of State Budget and Management) is responsible for producing population estimates and projections, contains NC Census data, etc. County and state population projections are available by age, race (white/other) and sex.

Labor and Economic

LEAD (Labor and Economic Analysis Division) is a one-stop source and leading provider of labor market information for the state of North Carolina. LEAD administers and collects data, conducts research, analyses, reports, and disseminates information on the state's economy, labor force, educational, and workforce-related issues.

LINC (Log Into North Carolina) is an interactive data retrieval service containing historical information for over 900 data items and a variety of geographic areas within NC.

NC United Way Self Sufficiency Standard 2017 defines the amount of income necessary to meet the basic needs of North Carolina families, differentiated by family type and where they live.

Other Data Resouces

National Center for Charitable Statistics

The National Center for Charitable Statistics is a national clearinghouse of data on the nonprofit sector in the United States. It includes some organizations in Chatham County, such as nonprofits and private foundations. ( )