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Chatham Connecting Welcomes Agencies is designed to connect individuals in need, nonprofit service agencies, and volunteers or donors in Chatham County. Being part of the website will facilitate your agency's ability to seek donations, recruit volunteers, and obtain information about other services in Chatham County available to your clients. To learn more about Chatham Connecting, click here.


To be included in the Chatham Connecting website, an agency must be a nonprofit organization that provides some direct services for a free or reduced cost that are generally available to residents of Chatham County, NC. If you have any questions about whether your agency is appropriate for this website, please contact us at

Getting Started

If your agency or service organization is not currently listed on the Chatham Connecting website you, as the agency's representative, must first register as an Agency Representative. Each agency listed on the Chatham Connecting (CC) website is "owned" by an Agency Representative, which is generally the person at an agency who will be responsible for entering and updating that agency's information on the CC website. Agency Representatives are identified by their email address.

To register as a new Agency Representative, simply click on the Register button below and submit the requested information. By registering you are agreeing to abide by all Terms and Conditions of the Chatham Connecting website.